Silicon intake

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Silicon intake

Silicon is one of the twelve major elements of the elemental composition of the body. It is the first shield of defense of the body. Its Fixation begins during fetal life in the brain, muscles and spleen, before diversifying to other organs and is found mainly in areas of growth and tissue regeneration.

Body silicon content closely related to the degree of aging decreases with advanced age and declines irreversibly.

Skin, hair, nails, articular system (joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons) and the arterial system undergo over time many injuries which contributes to the steady loss of silicon.

Also involved in cellular metabolism, silicon helps support and strengthen the cells of the immune system cells.

It promotes communication between cells; if your body has a need at a specific place, the information will be given quickly so that your body will have no delay or deficiency, or fatigue.

Increased silicon needs

  • Age over 40 years
  • Older people (making silicon often brings renewed strength and muscle tone).
  • Physically active people have increased stress on their joints
  • Smokers or ex-smokers to counter premature aging
  • Pregnant women (external use) with brittle bones or 40 years of age or more, to increase the elasticity of the belly or after pregnancy and hair loss
  • People prone to infection or poor teeth and gum health
  • Skin allergy or other skin diseases
  • People in convalescents

Articular system
Real architect of the human body, silicon is a powerful mineralizer (ossification), directly involved in the regeneration of bone and cartilage structures.Bone development and calcium assimilation.

It has an anti-inflammatory effect

  • Bone fragility
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Sensitive joints and tendons
  • Joint and muscle stiffness

Skin, Hair and Nails
Based on its composition, VitaSil has a high level of assimilation that allows it to penetrate the heart of the cells. It has a powerful and lasting action against premature aging (anti-radical) and detoxifying the body.

In the skin, silicon is an essential constituent of connective tissues (skin, hair, nails, joints and arterial system). It restructures the skin by regenerating collagen (providing strength and support to skin tissue) and elastin (improves the flexibility and elasticity of the skin).

Silicon is a first choice for wrinkles because it’s a great cell regenerator.

Benefits of silicon Oral VitaSil
By creating a unique, patented molecular complex, combining silicon to a bio-activation process, Laboratoires DexSil managed to obtain a remarkable cellular level of assimilation (bioavailability) that allows activity at the heart of the same cells.

Through its components, the VitaSil has many remarkable properties

  • High concentration of silicon
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Acts on collagen, elastin, keratin
  • It regenerates and restructures the elastin fibers
  • Action on the connective tissue (skin, cartilage, bone)
  • Maintenance of the immune system

Vitasil, is the power of silicon. Nettle and Stinging nettle are naturally equipped with highly mineralizing and restorative properties. Through their tonifying and regenerating properties, these plants potentiate the effect of silicon on the ability to regenerate cells of the organism.

By their high silica content, they improve the condition of the cartilage, eliminate toxins accumulated in the joints, thus promoting mobility and improved well-being of the joints.

The addition of zinc gluconate promotes epethialization (scarring), boosts the immune system and is involved in the healing process of wounds.

The combination of silicon, nettle and zinc is more than useful for brittle nails, dull hair, acne, skin irritation, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis

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