Protect yourself this winter

with Jojoba Oil

Protect yourself this winter

Jojoba oil allows the skin to resist the cold and prevents it from drying up. With its high levels of vitamins E and essential fatty acids, this precious oil is highly used to nourish and repair damaged skin and hair. Jojoba oil absorbs easily into the skin, and delivers hydration and moisturization. Its exceptional moisturizing properties help the scarring process.

Our suggestions

  • Apply on tiny cheeks after being outside or after an afternoon of skiing
  • To moisturize, soften and prevent chapped or cracked lips from the cold.
  • Dry, irritated or red nose, following a cold and too many sneezes
  • Flaky winter skin
  • Crocodile skin on the legs
  • Rub 2 to 3 drops on electric, clean and dry hair.

More ways to use Jojoba oil

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