Let Ayurvedic Wisdom help you enjoy the Spirit of the Season


Holidays are an exciting time of the year. Meeting friends and family, entertaining and planning festive meals, shopping for gifts, revisiting memories of past and creating new ones could be stressful at this time of the year.

Stress plays a role in the onset of every disease from the common cold to heart disease. Not only is stress invisible, it is created by the person who is affected by it.

This realization helps people understand that just as they have the ability to create the experience of stress, they also have the ability to create the experience of peace of mind.

Following Ayurvedic guidelines one can prevent feeling less frazzled and enjoy the season.

5 Tips for staying healthy during the holiday season

1. Self care routine
Start each day with a healing ritual of Abhayanga, a full body warm oil self-massage of your choice to prepare for an active day and to enhance your sleep at night. Make a list of positive, nurturing things you can do for yourself during holiday season (other than eating). An Ayurvedic facial massage with Baby Balance oil after your shower can melt away seasonal blues and leave you with a genuine holiday glow.

2. Important Diet Tips
Keep your mealtimes regular. Avoid foods that are frozen or deep fried, as well as cold foods and drinks. Eat all six tastes at every meal. For greater emotional balance, your meals need to include a balanced combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. If you only eat carbohydrates, your blood sugar will rise quickly but will leave you fatigued later. Leaving out fats is also a common mistake. Healthy fats such as olive oil and ghee are essential for carrying the nutrients to your cells.
Ayurvedically, varied foods and menus supply all the nutrients necessary for nourishing the seven dhatus or body tissues.

Avoid the sweets that contain preservatives, artificial flavors and colors which are toxins for the body and will turn into ama (digestive toxins) right away. They also lack nutrients and prana, and are heavy to digest. One last inspiring point from the texts of Ayurveda: when you eat with full attention and love in your heart, then ojas is the main outcome.

3. Reduce stress with meditation, yoga and exercise
Daily meditation along with calming exercise such as yoga, can help banish worries all through the year. Moderate exercise helps to maintain healthy digestion. Physical activity relieves tension and stimulates the release of brain chemicals called endorphins that relieve stress and improve your mood.

4. Remember to enjoy the season to be jolly
Holidays provide us an opportunity for the families to enjoy being together. Often the simplest activities could contribute to important family bonding and long term memories. Family time may not always end up “greeting card” happy. Quality time is simply the things we remember or cherish. One such activity that I do in our family is giving and receiving an Indian head massage or champi.

Indian Head Massage or Champi has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is a skill that has been handed down from generation to generation. The head massage prevents premature greying and balding, promotes relaxation and brings a feeling of well being and calm.

Padmashri Hair and Scalp Oil is an Ayurvedic treatment traditionally used in “champi”, to nourish the head, the scalp, hair and nervous system.

5. Herbal support for Anxiety and Insomnia
The Ayurvedic recommendation for quality sleep is to go to bed before 10:00 pm for deeper, more restful sleep. If you find yourself lying awake with holiday gift lists running through your mind, try Sewanti Stressnil herbal formula. It contains Ayurvedic herbs Brahmi and Shankapushpi, renowned for improving mental functioning and focus when you’re under pressure. Stressnil could help make falling asleep easier and assist in promoting deeper sleep as well.

The Sanskrit word Brahmi is derived from Brahma, the Creator of the universe. Brahmi is mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures to be a keen stimulant for memory, intelligence and booster for longevity. Brahmi is bitter and astringent in taste and has sweet post digestive effect. Its Latin name is Bacopa monnieri.

There is great medicinal value in the whole plant, but especially the leaves. Brahmi is used both internally as well as externally. The medicated oil of Brahmi or Brahmi taila is made with amlaki, licorice and bringraj, and imparts a pacifying effect on the brain. It also augments the hair growth. Used on daily basis Brahmi taila helps to awaken the divine within to promote a healthy balance and positive mental outlook.

Neelam Toprani is an Ayurvedic researcher and the formulator of Sewanti herbal remedies and Padmashri massage oils. Neelam has been studying various healing modalities and eastern spiritualties from many masters. One of the objectives her Company is to take the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda and translate it into practical solutions to improve the quality of life.The company is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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