Ayurveda for Mom & Mom to be

Tips for Pre natal care

Ayurveda for Mom & Mom to be

According to Ayurveda, pregnancy is a time when everything the pregnant mother tastes, sees, touches, hears, and smells should be nourishing to the mother and child. Foods that are easily digested, nourish the tissues of mother and the unborn child and create a more settled state of mind.

There are very specific recommendations to bring about a state of balance in the consciousness, mind, body, behavior, and environment of the pregnant woman. Daily Ayurvedic oil massage with Dhanvantara oil, promotes health and vitality to the mother and assist in the growth of the baby. Massage should be done in a warm, quiet room with pleasant music playing. Use an open palm rather than fingertips and apply long strokes on long bones and circular strokes around the joints. Spend more time on painful areas but be careful to be gentle on the abdominal region where it is best to softly stroke in a clockwise direction around the naval. This reduces stretch marks, soothes the neuromuscular system, aids assimilation and elimination whilst reducing leg swelling and varicosities.

Post natal care
A daily oil massage with Dhanvantara oil is also a powerful way to rejuvenate the mother. It helps to reduce aches, pains, and brings feeling of relaxation and wholeness. New mother can experience improved digestion, deeper sleep and increased vitality. Mothers can also find relief from common postpartum conditions such as weight gain, sleeping difficulties allowing them to give more attention and love to their children.

By combining massage with simple Vata reducing diet and herbs, new mothers can come out of the postpartum period with more energy and better health than before.

Neelam’s brings her knowledge of rich grooming tradition from India and energetic aspects of various healing modalities in her teaching. Neelam Toprani is an Ayurvedic researcher and the formulator of Sewanti herbal remedies and Padmashri massage oils.

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