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“ ...calm... ”

I have been taking 2 Stressnil capsules everyday along with self-massage with Vata oil and I believe that I have noticed an improvement with keeping myself calm and helping my body cope with everyday demands and transition. Thank you for your support and helping me continue to remain healthy.

In appreciation, Laura - Victoria BC

“ ...diabetes... ”

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes before 3 years. My doctor put me on Metformin but my blood sugar could not be controlled. I started to have side effects due to high dosage of medications. I started taking Diarid and within few months, I lost 15 lbs and my LDL cholesterol, blood pressure and Haemoglobin A1C have all dropped to the normal range.

Mike T. - Vancouver

“ ...happy and healthy... ”

This product is a miracle in a bottle, it keeps you healthy, happy and in a great mental health. I can suggest it because I was introduced this Miviton supplement a long time ago by a wonderful naturopath in Canada. I was pregnant and a bit depressed, but this little miracle bottle let me go back to a beautiful and healthy pregnancy now I use it regularly and give it regularly to my four children. Great stuff from HOLIZEN !

Myra Manna

“ ...nail & joints miracle... ”

I have been using the product VitaSil for 3 years now and have found a big improvement in the strength of my nail, the feel and look of my hair [even my hair dresser comments on it ] and also the improvement in my joints. I have recommended this product to my friends as well.

Mrs Savage Ontario

“ ...Chantal, a happy mom... ”

I live in Montreal and my little boy takes Miviton Children every week mornings. It’s a miracle. His anxiety has considerably diminished and his behaviour is 80 % less aggressive. He is much more focused at school and at home. I recommend it to all mothers with and agitated child.

Chantal, une maman heureuse

“ ...family fav... ”

For now 10 years Miviton boosts my energy once to twice a year. I quickly feel the effects; within 2 weeks. My youngest son (7 years old), demands it a few times during the year; he claims it makes him feel good. It truly recharges his “battery” and he then becomes calmer and less aggressive. Miviton, the best for our family

Louise Arbour

“ ...circulatory problems... ”

I have been using the spagyric elixir Lymphaticus for a few days and after one week, I noticed some changes. I have circulatory problems in my legs and this greatly helped. In one week I lost an inch around the thighs and 6 pounds overall. Water trapped in my legs started to flow again. I feel much better and less congested. I recommend it to everyone. Besides, several of my friends have tried it and have come to the same conclusion. It works.

Mélissa in Laval

Mélissa Laval

“ ...successful results... ”

As a naturopath, I possess a long experience of working with the Miviton products, particularly with the regular formula recommended for the whole family. I regularly recommend this great formula because it supports the organism on all levels (physical, psychological and mental.) And so, during moments of fatigue or repetitive infections or while waiting for a diagnostic, I recommend taking Miviton. Afterwards or at the same time I give advices and make suggestions on supplements to take in addition if necessary. In course of my practice, results obtained when taking Miviton have all been successful: in cases of malnutrition, after surgery, during convalescence, chronic fatigue, repetitive flu or cold, for senility, bad memory, depression, anaemia, to support pregnant or breastfeeding women, nutritional support to infant, child or adolescent and even for support during illness. On top of things, Miviton (regular or children) may be taken safely with any chemical medication.

Miviton is easy to digest and is bio available. It has therefore no demand on the digestive system since it is already transformed into nutriments, making it immediately available for the organism and reusable for the elaboration of a new organic matter used for rebuilding the body. Its natural content in essential elements helps rebooting the entire metabolism without ever stimulating it.

Miviton Children is very useful for children with sleeping disorder, bad temper (aggressiveness, impatience, bad mood, low spirits, etc.), behaviour trouble (hyperactive) or learning disorder (attention deficit and behavioural disorder, lack of concentration or memory). It acts on a large spectrum since it feeds the nervous system, supports the gland system, strengthens the immune system and is very useful for all cases of dermatosis.

Miviton (regular and children) is a complete formula that naturally contains all essential amino acids, all Vitamins B (which are known as vegetal neurotransmitters) including B12, Vitamins A and D, nucleoproteins (DNA and RNA), trace elements (iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, cobalt), minerals (calcium and phosphorus that are bio available), Omega 3 (which are cerebral phospholipids precursors) and streptogenin (growth factor). Therefore Miviton (regular or children) is as safe as any food, but in reality, is efficient to rebuild and regenerate.

Miviton, Miviton children and Miviton plus (stimulating formula with Ginseng and Royal jelly) are exceptional cell energizer and are excellent anti-stress formulas. In my opinion, they are super-food with good taste, regenerators and outstanding immune system strengtheners.