Healthy bones

Format : 100 vegetarian capsules

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Recommended by Professionals
• Consolidation of bone
• Preventive maintenance of bone health strength
• Osteoporosis
• Long-term healing

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Direction (adult)
1 capsule, 3 times daily, with meal.

This product is not appropriate for persons with allergies to seafood and fish. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Laitan promotes cellular renewal and contributes to accelerating the regeneration of all types of tissues in the body: bone, vascular and skin. Laitan is a very high-quality marine compound, with very high tolerability and no side effects!

Multiple Beneficial Components
The natural properties of cuttlefish bone contribute to in-depth renewal of minerals in the body and provide bone and teeth with the nutrients that are essential for their vitality. This product contains very high concentrations of marine-origin phosphorus (24 mg), which participates in almost all of the body’s chemical reactions at the cellular level. Laitan also contains marine-origin calcium (51 mg), an excellent means of reinforcing bone strength; combined with wild herring roe, this ensures healthy growth of the body’s bone and tissues.

Wild herring roe (sustainably eco-harvested in the North Atlantic) naturally contains all the essential nutrients, including:
• 3-6-9 omega fatty acids, DHA and EPA, all the essential amino acids (proteins)
• All the vitamins of the B group (including vitamin B12)
• ADN (26%) indispensable to cell nuclei, as it improves the cellular repair process following cell degeneration and decay, and stimulates cellular renewal
• Trace elements and minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus)
• Enzymes
• Strepogenine, a growth factor for cell reconstruction that is present only during hydrolysis.

The ratio between Omega 3 and Omega 6 in our product laitan is exceptionally high compared to the other fish-and-shellfish-based products. This high ratio contributes to reducing the risks of several diseases, including certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases, as well as inflammatory and immune disorders.

All the information on our products in this document and their components is for general information only and was made with the best of our knowledge. It does not claim in any way of suggesting a diagnosis or a treatment.

Content per capsule

  • 150 mg of herring soft roe (enzymatic hydrolysat of Clupea harengus (hareng), contains among other things 26% of natural marine DNA, a product from Quebec)
  • 150 mg of cuttlefish bone (bone powder of sepia officinalis, giving 51 mg of calcium and 24 mg of phosphorus)

Non medicinal ingredients
Vegetal capsule and magnesium stearate