Brahmi Taila

Memory & Concentration

Format : 100 ml

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An authentic herbal oil traditionally used to nourrish the brain and nervous system to promote learning memory and concentration.

Apply topically to the head and hair. May also be used as nose drops, 1-2 drops in each nostril.

Contains dairy.

Brahmi Massage oil has a refreshing quality and a special effectiveness on excessive Pitta. This important formula contains Ayurvedic herbs traditionally used as “Medhya Rasayanas” or “Mental rejuvenatives”, including the herb Brahmi (Bacopa monniera), whose name means ‘consort of the divine’

Traditionally used to nourish the head, brain and nervous system. Used on a daily basis, Brahmi Taila helps to awaken the divine within, to promote a healthy, balanced and positive mental outlook.

Brahmi Taila is traditionally used to promote learning, memory and concentration, and can be used safely in both the children and elderly.

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Contains Bacopa, Amalaki, licorice, cold pressed sesame oil and milk in a proprietary formula.