Balashwagandhadi Taila

Nervous system

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An authentic Ayurvedic herbal oil traditionally used to rejuvenate the mind and nervous system.

Bala-Ashwaganda-Lakshadi is prized amont Ayurvedic physicians to rejuvenate the body and mind, forming an important component of Kayakalpa. Ayurveda’s science of rejuvenation.

Allergy warning
May contain trace of dairy.

Balashwagandhadi Massage oil (Bala-Ashwagandha-Lakshadi taila) is a classical herbal oil mentioned in the Ayurvedic text the Sahasrayoga. This classical oil is prepared in a base of cold pressed sesame oil with 16 herbs.

Balashwagandhai Taila exerts a rejuvenating action on the cells, thus reinforcing the whole organism.

Good for all dosha types, this oil enhances complexion, is anti-inflammatory and strengthens the nerves, the heart and the immune system.

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Key herbs
Indian Madder, Vetiver, Himalayan cedar, Ashwagandha and blue water lily and cold pressed sesame oil in a proprietary formula.